Ashish Vidhyalay


There must be a question why the School Named as “ASHISH VIDYALAY” ? As we know that most of the Muslim Committees name the institutes from the Islamic names.

There were no more educated people in the committee and in the city (PATAN) when “Tanzeem Committee” had decided to start a new School. It was natural to have guidelines from Non Muslims to start a new School. At that time, it was decided to name the School which does not seems to be for only Muslim Communities. In addition, it was also decided to have the name which starts from the first in school index no.

It was named “Ashish” because it means “Blessing”. And this name is also used in Non Muslim Communities. Alphabetically “Ashish” start with “A” in Gujarati and English language too.

The school was named “Ashish Vidyalay” by one of the Trustee of that time Mr.Hisamuddin Shaikh (Samim Shaikh), the Editor of children's Magazine “Nanhe Munne”.

Ashish Vidhyalay was established in the educational years of 1973-1974. Twenty nine students were given admission in the school. Mr. Liyakathusen J. Saiyad had taken the charge as the first principal of the school on nominal amount of salary. Gradually, the new classes had been started and the school had become the granted secondary school up to X standard as per the rules of the Government.

  In those days, clashing of opposed for education had taken place in the society of minority in Patan City. At that time, the school had to faced many problems. So, the members of the committee had decided to start the primary school of standard I to IV and the primary school was started by the members of the committee. Gradually, the school progressed up to VII standard and became the primary school up to VII standard. By this way, the problem of the student numbers was came to an end. And the dissatisfaction of education in Muslim Communities had also been removed. In this matter Ashish Vidhyalaya’s contribution is more than enough..

  At present, there are 352 girls out of 659 students in primary school and there are 186 girls out of 316 students in secondary & Higher Secondary school are studying now.

2646 students have completed their secondary education from the school and 6470 students have completed their primary education from the primary school. At present, Mrs.A.R.Khatri is the principal of the primary school and Mr.A.A.Malek is the principal of the secondary school. The school S.S.C. Board Result was 90% in the previous year of March 2011 which is pararal with the well known schools of the City.